You won’t find a more dedicated team anywhere.

Our company name chose itself - because it is the comment we hear most often from happy clients.

What makes us different from others is that, on an individual level, we are all committed to walking that extra mile to win the column inches, radio minutes and TV moments our clients deserve.

At Bloodygreatpr, there is one other thing which sets us apart: We only work with clients we admire or push a product that we genuinely believe in.

Otherwise, there is no real reward.

Playing by these rules keeps negative energy at bay; everything we do is powered by positive thinking.



Our area of expertise revolves around the music industry and involves everything from creating well-researched, crisp and to-the-point press releases and bios for artistes, to widespread distribution of latest CDs and the generation of vital publicity for tours and festivals.

We also create and plan strategies and campaigns to improve artiste recognition and enhance profiles.

We have a large circle of contacts in the print media, radio and television. Those links have been forged over many years. They are based on long-standing, mutual respect.


If you come to us with a project we don’t believe is convincing, we will tell you politely to find someone else to represent you.

We need to believe in what we are doing.

Every artiste or company that presents a winner, whether it’s a new album to promote, a new name to break, or a tour schedule to publicise, is guaranteed a cleverly co-ordinated media blitz and the occasional well-placed ‘hit.’ All the angles are covered.

We never spread our resources so thinly that clients get short-changed. To meet that commitment we never work on any more than four projects at the same time.

That way, our collective energy is maximised, ensuring we live up to our name – Bloodygreatpr.