David Innes, R2 magazine

"A Best of 2015 Album"
Martin Chilton, The Telegraph

“Absolutely gorgeous
- something really special!”
Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"Gritty and authentic"
A Best of 2016 selection - The Telegraph

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"How contemporary American old-time
music should sound
and few, if any, do it better"
Jeremy Searle, AmericanaUK

“Hugely atmospheric”
Folk Radio UK

"Incredibly atmospheric"
Acoustic magazine

Jeremy Searle, AmericanaUK

"Exciting – with a pulse and rhythm
that sets them apart"

"As strong as any bluegrass favourites"
Country Music People

"Bluegrass that fizzes and sizzles"
Maverick magazine

"This is old-school masterclass"
Country Music People

"Satisfyingly muscular in tone"
Songlines magazine